Biffs Burgers- Fully stacked crispy fried jackfruit, served on a toasted brioche bun

  • The Samuel Hell Jackson

    Chipotle slaw, maple chipotle hot sauce, jalapenos, burger cheese, bbq sauce

    (v*) £8
  • The Father Jack

    Smokey bacun jam, bourbon bbq sauce, smoked cheese, iceberg lettuce, onion rings

    (v*) £8.5
  • The Jacksu

    Katsu sauce, Japanese pickles, crisp lettuce, crispy broccoli floret

    (v*) £8.5
  • The New Jack City

    Seitan pastrami, smoked Gouda cheese, sweet pickles, sauerkraut and Russian sauce

    (v*) £8.5

Extra Bits

  • Bang Bang Fries

    Loaded with cinnamon sweet chilli, miso mayo, nuts, crispy onion, coriander (GF Option available, please request)

    (v*) £4
  • Hush Puppies

    Crispy cornbread bites with whipped maple butter

    (v*) £5
  • Sangrita Salad

    Charred sweetcorn, avo & black bean salad with coriander & pineapple sangrita dressing

    (v*) (gf) Small £5 / Large £8.5
  • Vegan AF Poutine

    Fries loaded with cheese curds, porcini mushroom gravy, gnarly seitan bacon, toasted seeds

    (v*) £6
  • Smokey Baked Beans

    (v*) (gf) £3
  • Skin on Fries

    (v*) (gf) £3

Bangin' Wingz- Jackfruit wingz on a sugarcane spear (2x wings £5.50, 3x wings £7.50, 4x wings £9)

  • The ‘Burb

    Wings with bourbon BBQ sauce

  • The ‘Bang’

    Wings with cinnamon chilli, miso mayo, nuts, crispy onion, coriander

  • The ‘Buff’

    Wings with buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese dip

  • Wingz Flight

    One of each for when you can't make up your mind

    (v*) £7.5


  • Brioche Bread n Butter pudding

    Baked with sweet bourbon and served warm, with Vanilla ice cream

    (v*) £4.5
  • Mud Pie

    Chocolate and peanut butter mud pie, vanilla ice cream

    (v*) (gf) £4.5
  • Cheesecake

    Vanilla cheesecake, coconut butterscotch sauce, toasted coconut

    (v*) £4.5