• Haunt Classic

    Traditional burger style patty, melted cheese, aubergine bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkins, mustard mayo

    (v*) £8.50
  • Haunt Jack Burger

    Pulled jackfruit, five spice ketchup, ginger aioli, charred pineapple and shredded cabbage (Gluten free option available)

    (v*) £8.50


  • Rustic potato wedges

    Served with seaweed salt and mayo

    (v*) £4.5

Small Plates

  • Avocado & feta on toast

    Beetroot bread, almond feta, whipped avocado, roast beets, radish

    (v*) (gf) £5.50
  • Beer battered guacamole

    Black bean & red chilli salsa, lime, Siracha mayo

    (v*) £5
  • Raw Pad Thai Salad

    Spiraled veg noodles, coriander, ginger & sesame sauce, peanuts

    (v*) (gf) £5
  • Raw flatbreads and dips

    Hummus & Muhammara dips with homemade lemon flaxseed crackers

    (v*) (gf) £5.50


  • Mexican chocolate cake

    Chilli, maple & coconut whipped cream, strawberry salsa

    (v*) (gf) £4.5
  • Banoffee Pie

    Raw biscuit base, date caramel, bananas, vanilla cream

    (v*) (gf) £4