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Thursday 5 July - Saturday 1 September



Vegan artist and animal activist Tallys_art is currently taking over the walls at Haunt to exhibit her artwork throughout July & August!

From her childhood days, Tally has been creating art focused on portraits of animals and people.
After moving to London and getting involved in the activism scene, Tally felt the need to change her direction of art and create pieces around the topic that she cared about the most as a way of raising awareness to other people.
Tally’s animal rights art was initially subtle, depicting images from her personal experiences at activism events but has since evolved to thought provoking pieces which will leave the viewer with the message on their mind.
Tally’s art is beautiful and attempts to be the serious voice for the animals that humankind enslave.

Come on down to your local Haunt over the next couple of months to check out Tally’s artwork. Prints on sale to the public at the venue.