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Tuesday 4 July 20177:30 pm - 9:00 pm | £12

Funzing LDN Talks: The Pitfalls of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the new buzz word on everyone’s lips, attached to eating, drinking, parenting, managing ,running, reading.. well you get the idea .BUT no one seems to be talking about various levels of intensity of a mindfulness course, let alone the potential unlatching of an individuals Pandora’s box.

On my retreats both abroad and the UK where we create transformational change through intensive MIndfulness Based Stress Reduction coupled with Cognitive Behavioural therapy there are always at least two experienced fully accredited professionals to hand. Mindfulness can be hardcore!

As a Barrister, retreat owner Coach and Therapist , it troubled me to find that this information is rarely available to prospective students of mindfulness .This talk explores those hidden depths so that when embarking on learning mindfulness you are equipped with pertinent questions about what’s in store and what you can expect from your teacher so you can make an informed choice.